Monday, April 21, 2008


It's about time for some pictures, don't you think? I've been boring you all with text. For example, what did I do today? I could just tell you I spent the morning in Laufen baking chocolate chip cookies with my friend Roxy, or I could show you:

We had to stack a pile of books 5 high to take a picture of ourselves, and we agreed we should find a third friend. It would make picture-taking much easier! Roxy is a good friend. She's considerate, welcoming, a good listener, and she's also mega-organized. That doesn't really contribute one way or the other to her being a good friend, but I do admire her for it. You should see the chart on her wall in her house, showing all her homework and extracurriculars for the next 10 years, neatly laid out! ok, not really 10 years, but close. And yet, even though she's so organized, she's patient with those of us who aren't nearly as, and THAT does contribute to her being a stellar friend. She also bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie, as of today. On our next baking day, she will teach me how to make the German cake her Madre always makes.

Ok, moving on. So, what sorts of cards did I get for my birthday, you might ask? Well, here is a brief selection. I got the following handmade card from Stephan, and I think it's quite creative!

(Sorry for the glare; I'm too lazy to retake the picture). This card/masterpiece reflects some of the many different ways my alias "singletontug" might be in interpreted. I have thought lots of times about dropping this email identity entirely since it tends to promote confusion (as demonstrated this week when an email went out advertising a party for 'Stephanie Singleton'). On the other hand, it's a good conversation starter.

Then, we have the card from my brother Gregg. It speaks for itself, I think:

(© Hallmark)I know what you're thinking--I get no respect! And that is so true.

Well, I will share more birthday pictures just as soon as I get them from Janet, who was the designated camera lady. In the mean time, I'm off to get some shut eye, as the clock is sneaking up on tomorrow morning and I have school. My job hunt is going well. I met with one very nice family today and I might meet with another one tomorrow. More news to come soon, I'm sure.

'Night! Sleep tight!


  1. So, what time is it there? Are you going to be able to post today?

  2. no sir! I officially missed my post window. I was on a tram again. I spend a lot of midnights on trams, I've noticed lately...

  3. That really sucks. Well, I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors outside of the IMBC.