Monday, April 14, 2008

Bound to be a bum

Hi! I have bad news. It's only sort of bad actually. Not really all that tragic, but it does throw a wrench in my best-laid plans. I had two brilliant plans cooking, as you probably have picked up in recent posts. One was a great scheme to remedy my current joblessness and the other is about my living accommodations.

First the jobs. It looks as though hotdog verkauferin's around here have to speak German, which pretty much eliminates that career from my near future. I am, however, applying in general to Adecco and perhaps they will need an English speaker for something soon. (I think monolingualism should be considered a handicap eligible for disabled-person benefits). I called the Adecco office in Hillsboro to see if they could just sorta forward all my information over to the Switzerland office, or "re-activate" me in this region, but their databases are by country and I have to reapply in Switzerland as a new hire. How inconvenient!
As far as other job leads go, professional fishing guide is not looking promising, but I did apply today to be an English conversation partner, and I emailed my prof to find out what the scoop is on this nebulous editing position. So that's jobs.

Housing is the other issue at hand. The place I thought I was going to move to has fallen through, so I'm back on the hunt again, looking for someplace cheaper and closer to school, and where I can have guests more freely. This isn't an urgent need, since obviously I have a place to live right now and I'm not being forced to leave. But I did kinda give notice...or strong indication anyway that I would be making my exit sometime around July. And although it's tempting now to change my mind (since I don't have anywhere lined up), all the reasons for wanting to move are still there, so I think I'm going to stick with that plan and find someplace to go.

If all else fails on both the job and the housing hunts, it's like I've been saying for years: being a bum really isn't that bad. It's all about choosing the right street corner. And, I'd say now that I'm in the land of trains and trams, becoming a hobo--the romantic version of bumhood--is a real possibility.

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