Friday, April 11, 2008

Gad about? not me.

I got so caught up with my evening activities that I very nearly forgot to write a post! I started out doing homework at about 8 pm, and very shortly remembered that P. Harries had posted an Obama speech on the class website that he wanted us to read. It was his speech on race (from last month? Not sure). Well, then I wanted to see some responses to it, so I watched some Hardball with Chris Matthews clips, and then a Huckabee interview and before I knew it, it was nine thirty, homework wasn’t happening, and I was feeling much more caught up on the election news! Quite the social butterfly, hmm? Sitting at home watching election news on a Friday night. I need to make more local friends...all my current friends live too far away. A half hour at the very closest, in fact, and most are about 45min to an hour away, and while that’s bad enough when one has a car, it seems an even more impossible distance if you have to watch tram/train times too.

So bviously, I need to make some new friends, preferably who live within walking distance or not more than 3 tram stops away. I have not developed a full fledged strategy for this, but I’ll work on it.

Today I spent a couple hours planning our Italy/France trip, and I am (finally!) getting excited about going! Our itinerary is shaping up like this: Ashley will arrive and spend the next day in Basel mostly on her own while I’m in school. Then we’ll have one full day for local Switzerland tourism. The next day we’ll fly from Basel to Rome for a pretty penny, but we’ll get there fast. Spend 2.5 days there, then head up to Venice for a couple three days. Then fly to Paris for a mere $80 (you can’t fly from PDX to Seattle for that!). Spend about three days in Paris and maybe take a day trip to someplace not Paris but still France, and then back to Basel. Does that sound fun, or what? I’m only missing a mere 3 days of school for this adventure, too, and don’t worry, I have been planning all semester for that time away, so all my work is in order and under control (that’s mostly a note for the parental units and the GPs who might be wondering).

Ok. I’m going to go read in bed now. The evening reading choices are: Christianity Reborn: the global expansion of evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century; or Africa and the International System: the politics of State Survival; or Religious Militancy and Self-Assertion.

I TOLD you I need more friends!!


  1. There is another option. You could move up a mile closer to Basel. =) Though, I have to admit that finding friends might be a lot cheaper and easier to find than an apartment in Basel.

  2. you also need more books.