Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jack Squat

I'm supposed to be writing an essay, so I'm writing a blog post for a warm-up. This strategy sometimes works for me. Other times I get a blog post and no essay, but hey--a blog post is better than nothing! Speaking of warm-ups, I've started warming up for ski season by attending a Wednesday evening ski-conditioning class. I don't really plan on skiing (hmm...there might be some continuity in my warm-up trends...), but this arrangement makes me feel clever: all the fitness and the hobbling around town moaning for two days without the unpleasantness of flinging myself down a mountain for it. This exercise also increases my efficiency for the rest of the week for all endeavors requiring physical movement. By Thursday evening, I am strategically consolidating any activities that require traversing staircases, and naps have been eliminated to cut needless sit-up motion. By Friday lunch time, getting up from my chair and even trips to the bathroom have been re-allocated to "in case of emergencies only" status. In other words, you should count on me being useless but very easy to locate for the next 30 hours.