Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whiskers and baby quilts

This morning I drank my coffee out on my balcony, and I listened to the quiet. One of my favorite things about being home now that I live in the city is that I can hear crickets clearly every night and humming birds and blue jays in the morning. And no busses. And no trams. Just beautiful country quiet. And cats!

Mom and I made a baby quilt top on Monday. It's for Ed, unless they unexpectedly have a boy, and then it's for one of my other 2 expecting friends, whoever first blesses the world with a girl who would appreciate the florals and vintage novelty airplane bunny print.  You probably can't tell from this little picture of the quilt top, but this quilt is loosely based on an a spring flight over Grindelwald--that time of year when the peaks are still snowy white rows out to the horizon, but the valleys are bright green fields and flowers and baby chickens. Ed's a pilot. I think he'll appreciate the airplane bunnies.