Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm going to IKEA! Hence the early post

My Au Pair job search is going tremendously well. So well, in fact, that I have spent most of the day writing and responding to emails and I haven’t done hardly a thing on my homework, which is a problem. Imagine if all job hunts were so fruitful! When I was looking for jobs in 2005 I had almost 20 different applications out at one point, and had only had 2 interviews which didn’t result in jobs. I thought I must be doing something completely wrong in the way I was presenting myself, so I went and had a consultation and mock interview with the career center at my Alma Mater, and he said nope! My interviewing skills were fine, my resume looked good, and 20% was a reasonable level of response in that job market. Well! I have had my profile up for au pair positions for barely 24 hours and I’ve had a flood of responses, which is very encouraging. And they seem like nice families, too. I hope one of the options works out to everyone’s satisfaction.

But about my homework… I am committed to finishing three papers before next weekend…so hold me to that! Ask me if I’m working on them!! I need to write one on Governance and the role of non-state actors…I’m thinking we’ll look at NGOs; one on Civil Society, and I’m thinking arms trade networks in refugee camps will be the subject; and one on something having to do with International Conflict and Globalization (I’ll probably spring board off the arms trade thing). So there you have it! My work is cut out for me! And all this has to get done despite my pilgrimage to IKEA tonight with the girls, my German study/running session tomorrow morning, and my b-day party after church on Sunday. A little pressure helps get things done, though.

I have been eyeing my birthday box my parents sent me. I’m not allowed to open it yet, but it rattles like Mac and Cheese! I was kinda hoping it might rattle like an ipod, but I’m holding out the possibility that the macaroni and cheese could be the clever disguise… :) I have already concluded it definitely doesn't rattle like a kitten. (But happy birthday to my cat Tinkerbelle too! I've had her 12 years this weekend!)

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