Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Betcha can't guess what I'm doing

I am sitting on the stairs enjoying a suped-up grocery store pizza with pop (healthy, huh!?) and listening to a strange radio playlist. In the short time I've been sitting here, I've heard Kenny Rogers "Coward of the County," and Eric Clapton "Tears in Heaven," and on this same radio station I often hear Simon and Garfunkle, the Beatles, and Mariah Carey, plus a few German songs thrown in for fun. I'm always interested in the music that's playing when I'm out shopping. The best music variety in town seems to be at the Denner near the university. I've heard everything from Shania Twain to the Beach Boys, to whoever it is that sings "Hey There Delilah" song.

My literature presentation went well this evening. I had to reprint my handouts cuz I found typos, as I said. I was going to ignore them since they were so minor, but then I found I had used "it's" instead of "its," and you just can't distribute that kind of mistake in a literature class. Especially when you're the only native English speaker in the group (teacher not excepted). So in between my Konflikte class and my African American studies lecture I ran across the street to the printer. For some reason there is still a bundle of mistletoe hanging over the door to the Sociologie department and just as I got there there was a group of students coming out, and a guy tried to stay in the doorway under the mistletoe while the girls pushed past him. He wasn't very succesful, but it made me laugh and reminded me of when I was living at GFU and a couple guys taped mistletoe to the bills of their hats at Christmas. I don't think they were very successful either.

In April I always think of what I was doing a couple years back at this time. Three years ago I was working in Special Education (the juvenile delinquent version) in Forest Grove and going home with bruises and daily appreciation for parents who were nice to me when I was a kid (and they're still nice to me!). Two years ago I was doing technical writing and my GPs gave me a big ol' bottle of Malt liquor for the big birthday (which I regifted to Brian this year). Jessica and Christi and I went to Canada in May that year to Celebrate Christi's graduation and my birthday. And one year ago, I was still working at GV and I got to go to Las Vegas with work! By day, I manned a booth at the trade show signing people up to see the nifty mp4 compressor chip, and when the VIPs weren't using all the town cars, I had a driver carting me from hotel to show and back again. He'd bypass the long taxi lines to let me out and say, "ok, Stephanie, take your time, and I'll just circle and I'll be right here when you come back out." That is the way to travel. :) Val came and stayed with me at the Venetian and we spent the evenings being tourists together.
And this year I'm in Switzerland! Lots of changes in the last few years!


  1. Good memories! We'll have to go visit there again sometime! :) Christi

  2. Definitely! And we still have to go to Prince Edward Island together too!

  3. Me too! Me too! I miss you girls and our little trips!

    Love ya lots!