Monday, February 9, 2015


Yesterday in the sunday school class I teach we were talking about how Saul became king. Before that happened though, some donkeys wandered off and his dad sent him to look for them. Meanwhile, the leaders in the area were discussing establishing a king. Jeremy wondered what they all would have tweeted had they been blessed with Twitter back then, so the kids recreated the lesson in fake tweets and hashtags at the end of class. Saul tweeted "OMG! What just happened. Lost my donkeys. #‎stupidanimals #‎gottagolookforthem" and God tweeted back "@Saul - Donkeys aren't stupid #‎Imadethose" while the Israelites tweeted "like, totally want a king now! #‎toteswannaking #‎rightnow" and Samuel shot back "@theIsrealites - NO WAY #toteswannaking #‎never #‎overmydeadbody." =) I really enjoyed their imaginative take on it! And not one of them has a Twitter account (good, I thought!).

The littlest ones haven't learned social media genres yet. Their tweets sounded more like pages from easy reader books, complete sentences with sweet, clear intentions: "My donkeys are gone! I have to go find them."