Thursday, April 17, 2008

Presidential candidates and Au Pair ambitions

Hey, did you read about the prisoner in Texas who paid the $1000 registration fee to get his name on the primaries ballot in Idaho?

He’s running as a Democrat, against Clinton and Obama. It’s the only state he’s managed to get in on, and Idaho is a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. I don’t really think they need to feel bad about it. He can’t possibly gain any traction, particularly in Idaho, and I think it's kinda amusing.

Apparently he ran as a write-in candidate once before, but nobody voted for him. I ran as a write-in candidate last year. Not for president (I'm not old enough yet), but for some local stuff. I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own, but my friend Davorin informed me that he had written my name in for the Tualitin Valley Watershed Conservation Commission(or something like that), and once I got looking at it, I thought it would be fun to be on the commission. There were no other candidates anyway. I managed to round up close to 25 votes just in the first day! All my family promised to vote for me, and a bunch of people at work said they would too. After the election I didn’t hear anything about it though, so I figured I must have lost. THEN I went to dinner at Emily’s house and met the head of the Democratic party for Oregon and she got super excited that I had tried to get elected as a write-in, and promised to look into what had happened with that position. It turned out I’d lost to some guy who had about 150 votes. At the rate I was going, if I’d had just one more week to drum up support, I could have had that election in my pocket! And think how good that might have been for my resume too. Plus, I would have been good at it.

Speaking of jobs…I had a brilliant idea today. If I become a live-in Au Pair for the summer, I can eliminate rent and acquire a paycheck in one fell swoop! And furthermore, the agency I signed up with (oh yes! I’ve been hard at work on this!) also suggests/requires families to help pay for language courses. I’m looking for families locally especially, but even if I ended up in Z├╝rich for a couple months that would be ok. An interesting change of scenery, in fact. I have so far, recieved a grand total of one rejection and one interested response.--oh! make that two. I just got another one. :)

Ciao Ciao!

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