Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bills Lead To Applications

Maybe not in your world, but in mine they do. Every month I pay my bills...and then I immediately embark on an intense search for side jobs as a precautionary measure. Usually, this leads to nothing. Last month, for example, I sent this very nice email in response to a Craig's list advertisement seeking a formatting editor for a charter flight company's order of operations manual:

Dear all,
I am a formatting fiend. I am in my fourth year of a PhD, and the primary skill set that I have picked up over 11.5 years of post secondary education is the ability to transform hideous, slapped together documents into clean, sparkly works of art in MS Office and Adobe applications--or, if not art per se, at least into industry compliant, hyperlinked, properly TOCed, footnoted, correctly illustrated, thoughtfully indexed things of practical beauty that would thrill even an airplane mechanic's heart. 

In addition, I have experience as a technical and marketing writer in the Broadcast Engineering sector, managing over 600 pages of documentation in Adobe and Word for customers. I currently do editing, formatting and writing work on a contract basis for two universities. I have attached my CV for your consideration, and would be very happy to supply references if you are interested in my profile. You will find some publicly listed references on my LinkedIn profile.

I charge $35 an hour, and I am fast. 


Unfortunately, someone else was cheaper...and that somebody probably doesn't shop for groceries in Switzerland. But no matter. This month, it's internship applications, and I think we can all agree that Project Management and HR internships, paid in Swiss Francs, beat airplane manual formatting most days.

onward and upward!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Church Thoughts

"Lately, when I’ve been asked why I still go to church, my first answer tends to be this: Where else would I be required to build community with people I otherwise (and usually inaccurately) label too conservative, too sheltered, too na├»ve or too closed-minded? Where else would I be required to coexist with and learn from my elders? Where else would I learn the humility that my elders model every time they listen to me?"

--Peter Epp, Why don't young adults go to church?

Spring Collaboration

My beautiful PhD friends Julia and Susi come up with good ideas. Especially on sunny days. Especially when they work together. Not just when I take sneaky photos of them.

Doesn't that look like an office you would like to work in?

Monday, February 9, 2015


Yesterday in the sunday school class I teach we were talking about how Saul became king. Before that happened though, some donkeys wandered off and his dad sent him to look for them. Meanwhile, the leaders in the area were discussing establishing a king. Jeremy wondered what they all would have tweeted had they been blessed with Twitter back then, so the kids recreated the lesson in fake tweets and hashtags at the end of class. Saul tweeted "OMG! What just happened. Lost my donkeys. #‎stupidanimals #‎gottagolookforthem" and God tweeted back "@Saul - Donkeys aren't stupid #‎Imadethose" while the Israelites tweeted "like, totally want a king now! #‎toteswannaking #‎rightnow" and Samuel shot back "@theIsrealites - NO WAY #toteswannaking #‎never #‎overmydeadbody." =) I really enjoyed their imaginative take on it! And not one of them has a Twitter account (good, I thought!).

The littlest ones haven't learned social media genres yet. Their tweets sounded more like pages from easy reader books, complete sentences with sweet, clear intentions: "My donkeys are gone! I have to go find them."