Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas tree inspires blog posts and a Glühwii party

I asked my roommates in the summer if we could get a Christmas tree. Or more, I went hopping through the dining room saying things like, "I can't wait until we have a Christmas tree--It should go right there!" They thought I was getting a bit ahead of myself, and all the way up until last week we were still unsure whether we wanted to spend the time and trouble to put one up, considering some of us won't even be around for Christmas.

Good thing we did! Look how happy our living room looks now! The tree has inspired not only this blog post (and you thought I'd given up my blog entirely!), but also a Glüwii party, scheduled for next week so that our friends and neighbors can also enjoy the festiveness, and the view:

Nesting began before the tree, however. Sara and I have been reading design websites, painting rooms cheery colors, picking out furniture and lamps, hosting dinner parties, and generally embodying a winning combination of Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, and Rosie the Riveter's strengths. We wield a drill one minute and pull pies out of the oven the next. Björn is pretty good sport. Not every man says ok to a pink bathroom. Raph shook his head when he heard our plan to paint the bathroom English Rose and said he would have moved out a long time ago.

Sara and I like the way the sunset fills our apartment with golden hues in the evenings, so we painted one living room wall to keep that feeling all day.

Who needs a ladder when you have a dining room table you can move around the apartment, right?

Current project: hanging the chandelier. Hans is helping us, and it will go over the dining room table.