Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Paintings

I've been photographing some paintings this week. These aren't new pieces, but for various reasons I hadn't photographed them before. In the process, I realized I haven't kept any of the pictures I've drawn in about the last 3 years, and I don't have pictures of most of those either. So here's to keeping better records.



Still in Progress:


  1. Hey Steph!
    Bif fan of charcoal here, that Kite illustration is awesome! One day when I'm rich (still not...) I hope I can afford to comission a charcoal drawing!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Wow, you seem to have a lot of talent for painting!

    Are those oil paintings?

    ...The style of the first two paintings is a little bit too realistic/kitschy for me though.

    I like the last one best, it looks a little bit more impressionistic (I especially like the texture of that grass with the spots of light and shade).

  3. Finally! Thanks for sharing. How much does a portrait run, since we're talking about commissioning?

  4. The two in color are pastel; the other is charcoal. I know what you mean about them being too realistic...I am trying to move away from that a bit. The first two are about 4 years old. But, I think it's good to have a solid drawing foundation, and then you can move any way you want with it, so I dont regret learning to draw realistically first. My favorite portrait artist right now is Daniel Greene.

    Prices: depends on the size and medium and how much I like the person I have to spend 30+ hours staring at. :P

  5. I don't mind the realism in your first two pictures, by the way. What I miss in them is background that tells a story. Lindsey looks like you got her right after a ball, or after she sang a solo, or performed at a theater - a little tired, a little melancholy, but basically content - ready for a loving hug. The chair she's on gives minimal clues as to her story, and the Olan Millsy background none at all - that's too bad. I think that's why you got the friendly comments on the grass and its texture: it's telling more of a story.

  6. I agree, and that's what I like about Daniel Greene's work too. Actually, the story with Linds is I took that photo of her right before Spring Formal. She was actually sitting on an unmade bed in our dorm room, with piles of clothes, make up, hair driers and shoes lying around. I thought about doing it with that background, but decided it would be very confusing to the average viewer. But I agree my portraits lack story.