Monday, January 7, 2008

Dinner in the woods!

The problem with making friends all over the world is that then no matter where you live, you'll be missing someone, or a lot of someones. I am starting to miss my friends and especially my bible study group in Basel, but I'm also enjoying catching up with some friends here.

Last night a couple of my college roommates (see pics) and I had dinner at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. I was nominated to select the restaurant this time, and although I wanted to head to the beach and eat at Camp 18, the lumberjack log cabin (they make some great cornbread!), Dad and Grandpa were opposed to the idea of braving the coast range summit without snow tires. The roadhouse turned out to be a good alternative though, with it's barn-like reclaimed construction materials and cozy atmosphere. No cornbread though. We were in a corner booth and outside lights were strung from tree to tree in the woods. It's really pretty there, and easy to forget that a shopping center and the highway are on the other side of those trees.

Jessica was down from Seattle for her cousin's wedding and Christi was up from California on break from her graduate studies in nutrition. These are my two scientist roommates. The three of us shared a room my last term at George Fox, and I think I heard more that semester about germs and cadavers and bodily functions than I have heard living with my brothers for the whole rest of my life!! That trend continues when we get together, but now it tends to be more nutrition/epidemiology focused and I must say I appreciate their insight. For instance, just last night I learned that preliminary studies show that eating pomegranates and blueberries may reduce chances of developing Alzheimer's and generally promote longevity. That's helpful information, don't you think? We talk about a lot of other stuff too, and I am so thankful for their friendship! They are fun, smart, encouraging women!

I gave them both chocolate fondue pots from Migros, and neither of them recognized what they were meant for right away, even though they both like fondue! But I think they were pleased with the gift once they knew what it was for. :) Speaking of Christmas presents, Jessica got snowshoes for Christmas!!! How cool is that!? Remind me to ask for snowshoes next year. And maybe a cabin on a lake while I'm at it too.

Homework calls; I should answer. Laters!

Some old pictures of Jessica and Christi and me in some of our many fun times together! This is Jess and me last spring (?) on top of Mary's Peak in Oregon.

Running around Canada in May, 2006:


  1. Wahooo!!! I love all our little adventures and that you have pictures of them all! It was so fun to read you post about us. You should have posted the picture of us all dressed like bats for the halloween party! I'm planning to fondue something this weekend although I haven't decided what yet.

  2. Do you have pictures of us as bats??? I would love a copy if you do!

  3. Fun Times!!! I don't have the bat picture. Was there ever an official bat picture, or just the wonderful memories of incredibly versatile trash bags, and the wonderful inventions of safety pins/arm pit zippers? :) If there is a pic, I would love to have a copy as well!
    Let's plan another adventure soon!

  4. So that's what "Blueberries for Sal" was all about, Alzheimer's prevention...

  5. Could be!! but then what was "Make Way for Ducklings" all about??