Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy 2008!

I know it's been 2008 for four days now, but still, my last blog didn't end up being very serious, so I thought I should write about something more substantial than my recently transient lifestyle.

I've kinda been on a John Denver Kick lately. Last week I "dedicated" the song "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" to my little brother, who is looking more and more like a country boy ever since he traded in his skater shoes and rock star look for a pair of work boots and flannel shirts from Coastal Farms! I like dedicating poetry to Brian, usually verses borrowed from Shakespeare or Robert Burns and modified to better describe Brian. I post them on the refrigerator for the entertainment of the neighbors when they come by--lines like "Shall I compare Brian to a Summer's day? He is more brawny and more fair..."--and besides that, I'm pretty sure finding romantic poems about himself pinned around the house makes him feel loved, and that of course is the point.

I seldom dedicate songs, however this song was already so well suited to Brian that I couldn't resist and that started off a John Denver trend in my house. Brian and I listened to "Country Boy" while we baked biscuits to go with our stew the other night (if baking biscuits in winter doesn't make a person feel like a pioneer, I don't know what will). I heard Dad singing harmony to "Back Home Again" later that day, and Mom! I came down stairs the next day to find her watching old John Denver clips on You Tube! So as you can see, his music has been a presence here the last few days.

I am so proud of my brothers. Brian's contractor business is up and off the ground and he's working on his logo and advertising scheme. It's all coming together! We even have stocking hats that say "Alexander Construction" on them, and I can't wait to wear mine, even though advertising in Switzerland probably wont do him much good. And then there is Gregg. I'm working with him again, and I am so impressed when I listen to him talking with the bosses about all these ideas and technologies and stuff I don't understand!! So if you need advice on construction or video technology...I can set you up with some smart guys.

So-with a new year upon us and double the usual barrage of weight loss ads everywhere I turn, I have been thinking about new year's resolutions. I don't really do resolutions, but I do think about what I've been busy with for the last year. What was important to me in 2007--not so much what did I verbalize as important, but what did I invest in? How did I spend my time? Did I share my life with others? Did I work to sharpen the skills I have and learn new things, to be better equipped in my job(s) and hobbies? Did I listen for the voice of the "True Shepherd" as Quakers often refer to God? Jesus said his sheep know his voice and they follow him, like real sheep trail predictably after their shepherd's voice. Was I predictable like them, or off doing my own thing?? well, don't worry, I don't plan on telling you the answers to all those questions. :) I just thought I'd mention the TOPICS I'm thinking about, and if you want to know the details, you can ask, and have the pleasure of hearing me say "none of your beeswax." :P Or maybe I'll tell you.
I do hope to learn BUNCHES of German in 2008!! Vocabulary and Grammar GALORE! I'd also like to draw a bit more than I have been, and try to publish a little story--that one I wrote in Ecology class (which could explain why that was a tough final for me...). Anywhoo. Happy 2008! Walk close to the Father.


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