Tuesday, February 2, 2010


ah, public transportation. It has its joys and trials. I love it when the connections align and I can get where I'm going in minimal time. I love it when I am running late and can do my makeup in the restroom on the train. I think public transportation is GREAT when I'm the only person on the bus and my driver whisks me up the hill to my destination without making 10 stops along the way. I like it when the driver wakes me up just in case I wanted to get off at the station, even though he's pretty sure he knows my usual stop.

I like it a lot less, however, on Sundays after 8 when I have to walk a mile home, or at peak times when there are no seats left and 30 gradeschoolers are pushing each other and me while they throw some poor kid's hat around. Even at busy times, however, there is something nice about riding with my neighbors. This morning there was a bearded older man wearing a gigantic furry hat! And next to him, another guy had his eye glasses comically balanced just above his eyes as he read the morning news. An English lady was explaining to her daughter why perhaps some kids don't wear their coats at recess. And there are two kindergarten boys who love love love a highschool boy named Simon, and they save him a seat (always up front. That is SO elementary school!) and cheer when he gets on. They're so glad to see him that they forget to hold on as the bus pulls away and always just about fall over. Simi tries to head for the back of the bus, but he seems to like their attention too. And the whole bus smiles.

I have heard some promising feedback from IBM, and I have an interview tonight for a haushaltangestellt position doing house work and helping with twin infants. Hans says both my shoulders will stink like spit up, and he should know. How does that make you feel, Dom and Raph, that that's the FIRST thing your dad says about twin babies!?

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