Sunday, January 31, 2010

Piano Lessons

M1 is taking piano lessons now, and from my vantage point under the piano, I can testify that there appears to be no lack of motivation to practice. I can also tell you what her lessons include: most notably she has learned to play "Happy Birthday" this week. Over and over. and. over. And often between the hours of 7 and 8 in the morning, which I know is permitted under the "10pm to 7am" quiet hours custom, but it is still considered an ungodly hour of the morning by those of us who seldom go to bed the same day we got up.

Other than the serenades at the first crack of dawn, M1 continues to be a bright spot of joy for me--the cheery sort of little friend who stops in her tracks to jump up and down and wave when she spies my bus rolling by. Or if she's playing at a friend's house and sees me coming up the road, she and her friend will both stop playing to yell hello and ask me just where I think I'm going, or where I've been, and what's in my bag. M1 goes bouncing off to kindergarten every day, all bundled up against the weather, and the picture of anticipation and contentment. It's too bad you can't all meet her...she really is great, even considering the piano playing.