Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zwebelechueche mit Schpäck

I have such nice neighbors here in my little village! Yesterday the boy from up the street was over for his weekly English lesson, and he asked if I like Zwebelechueche(a delicious baked onion and bacon pie/casserole dish). I said I do. "ok," He said. "Mom's making one tomorrow. We'll bring you some." He's a thoughtful little dude, if he's thinking of these things himself. I'm also invited for Lasagna next time they have that for supper. Anyway, sure enough, his mom and little sister (the latter dressed in full Fasnacht regalia including a mask) just showed up at my door with piping hot Zwebelechueche for my lunch.

See people? THIS is why I don't want to move to Basel.

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