Thursday, February 11, 2010


I can hear fasnacht drums from somewhere across town. It's that time of year again. They went marching past this morning with their drums and piccolos in the wee hours. It always makes me feel like Paul Revere is going to go galloping past any minute yelling, "The British are coming! The British are coming!" It's like I woke up in the middle of the revolution, but all the minute men are wearing wooden shoes and over-sized masks. Last year two of them attacked me with pink confetti in Basel, and still, even this week, I've been shaking tiny pieces of pink paper from my coat.

Thanks for all your votes and opinions about the shirts (even you, Lukas, who said they're all equally blöd--that's 'stupid,' for those of you who aren't up on your SG words often used in swiss 3-year-old tantrums). Turns out a few people read this blog after all. In the spirit of democracy, I have ordered the crocodile shirt. And in the spirit of doing whatever I want, I have also ordered the touchdown shirt. I was still undecided between that and the dinosaur (also a great one!) until one of my Swiss readers missed the joke on the touchdown shirt. The subtlety of a joke on American sports (and the pleasing fact that although I don't know squat about sports, I at least know enough to know touchdowns don't happen in golf) elevated this option slightly higher than the literate dinosaur.

And now...back to my thesis.


  1. "I at least know enough to know touchdowns don't happen in golf" -- oooh, that's funnier than any of the shirts!

  2. Good thing someone else spoke up first...I was taking you seriouysly, that you really thought golf was in question.

    Too subtle for me, Sweetie. :-)


  3. Ouch. What a vote of no confidence from Dad. Unless his humor is to subtle for me . . .
    Glad you agreed with me on at least one T-shirt!

  4. yeah, gosh Dad! I was a teensy bit offended to think you doubt I know what baseball is. Especially since the boys and I used to play baseball in the back yard all the time!

  5. I was the reader who missed the joke and I have to say: I've been at a Baseball game and the only impressive thing was the stadium! ;-) But that was really impressive, the Olympic stadium in Montreal! 66'000 people is a lot in one place for someone who has never ever been in such a place before!
    Football is waaaaay better!
    If I ever see you wearing that shirt, I'm gonna cross out that schtupid Baseball player and I'm gonna draw a quarterback! :-D
    Lukas - out!

  6. auer...chübel blöd mann...aber luschtig! Ich heb si fescht und du chasch de quarterback zeichne. Uf los gots los....

  7. hey, I understand that. If I see either of you with a Sharpie, I'll head the other way.