Monday, January 18, 2010

job apps

I've been very busy hunting down work possibilities lately.

In the past week, I've applied to be...

-a first grade classroom assistant
-a technical writer for Day Software projects
-a documentation writer for IBM for pharmaceutical software
-an office assistant/technical writer for software projects of unspecified sort
-an Assistant for Engineering Documentation Management
-a Zebra fish care-taker at a scientific lab
-an Internal Communications Associate at a pharmaceutical company
-a study-skills workshop leader for college students
-a translator and writer in the education sector
-a house and cat sitter
-a baby sitter of twins
-a cleaning lady/laundry lady
-an English teacher
-an Editorial Assistant
-a warehouse worker
-and of course, a painter of master pieces (but that didn't require an application)

Whew! That's a lot of applications. I'm relatively qualified for all of them too, except I have no experience caring for Zebra Fish.

I'm reminded of this Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon is out of work and, in his down time, starts experimenting with injecting fish with luminous jelly fish DNA to make them glow in the dark so that he can sell them as night lights and make billions.

Consider yourselves warned, Zebra fish.

And in other news, I wish you could smell this perfume I'm thinking of buying. I have a little sample on a card...mmm...smells good. I've been advised I should consider buying it BEFORE my interviews. Could help.


  1. A wide range of job options for sure! :) I'll be praying about that for you! I've heard that accenting with the color blue (e.g. a blue blouse/shirt) for an interview is a good move--supposedly leaves the interviewer with a calm, peaceful impression; although some wonderfully scented perfume never hurts either (whether scents get jobs is questionable (definitely wouldn't work in my field with the patients and all), but it can certainly boost a girl's morale! :) ) Hope all is well :) Christi

  2. Ah, Steph...with luck the interviewer won't be allergic to your perfume. :-)