Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hi Friends!
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and one week until Easter, so starting either later today or tomorrow, you can expect a series of readings on the subject. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to use yet (could be Chekov installments, could be something else...). I am at Janet's house at the moment. I spent the night here, and we are doing our Saturday German-studying (as in the language, not the people)/running time, except it's now after 1 pm, and we haven't run or cracked a book. We are both overdue on blog updates, so this is technically productive work.

I haven't had a very interesting week, so I'm afraid I don't have much to say.
I had Janet and Stephan over for enchiladas on Monday. It was a fairly successful dinner with minimal language-induced cooking hazards. I did accidentally buy rice that was supposed to be soaked overnight because I couldn't read the package. But dinner was just slightly later, and still tasted more or less like proper Spanish rice. It was fun to cook for company, though, and enchiladas are my favorite food! Any excuse to make them is a good one.

Other than that, really there's little to say about my week. I did buy some new earrings, which I'm quite pleased about. They're very simple, but a good color. Another lady was looking at earrings too and asked my opinion on two sets. Well, I told her which ones I liked better, but she kept talking about it in Swiss German, so of course I wasn't understanding. She caught on pretty quick and switched to English and made a good case for one pair being better for summer. I added they're also more versatile for patterned or non-patterned outfits, and she said "pattern? what's this?" I pointed to my white shirt and said this doesn't have a pattern, and pointed to her striped shirt and said, "that has a pattern." Ah! she understood. So it was decided. She bought that pair of earrings. It's nice to know I'm making my mark in the world, don't you think?! :) Gee, if you only read my blog and didn't know me personally, you might get the impression that I'm highly materialistic. More accurately, however, I would say I get great joy in very small things--like earrings. Once, I cleaned my room and found $1000. I had tucked a couple hundred here, a couple hundred there, and forgotten about it (see?! I have good reason for claiming financial incompetence!). When I found all that, Gregg said, "you could buy a new laptop!" and Brian said, "you could buy new wheels for your car!" and I thought, "I could buy that $2 nail polish I liked!" So I hope that will give some perspective to all my blabbings about this or that thing I bought.

I'm looking forward to Easter, and I don't have school this coming week. I will spend my time on some research projects, relaxing with friends from church, teaching my German friend Roxy to make chocolate chip cookies, and drawing masterpieces, of course!! I'm also submitting a story to 3 publishers. Oh, and I volunteered to start teaching Sunday school so I will have some meetings about that this week. Ok, I am off to Olga's birthday party--1/4 of a century!(I love having friends who are older than me!) Perhaps I'll have some adventures to share with you later in the week. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

love y'all.


  1. We sure enjoyed your cooking and your company Monday. Thanks!

  2. Bitte. (there--does that make up for Saturday??)