Saturday, March 1, 2008

Home Fires

What do you get when you apply one girl to a pile of homework? A VERY clean room, a great salad, and a home improvement project of course! This week I had a lot of homework to do, which is not to say I’ve done it. I will do it, just as soon as I get done telling you everything else interesting that’s been happening this week. First things first, you know. The most exciting news of the week is that my crocuses are finally blooming!!

Everyone else’s have been blooming for a couple weeks now, but the little micro-eco system in my pot didn’t get the memo. They are finally with the program now and are busy serenading the morning each day. Crocuses used to be my favorite flower, and they’ll still in the top five, I’d say. Daffodils, old-fashioned roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilacs, and jasmine are the other four. Oh wait, that makes 7. Well, anyway. I’m pleased about my flowers.

I’m also quite pleased with my recent additions to d├ęcor and functionality on the home front. First, we have my new star-studded “bookcase” (aka brown cardboard box).

It’s true that the box would have held books just as well without the great purple and silver wrapping-paper addition. But would it have looked just as pretty? Certainly not. And would the little lady of the room been as happy? Of course not! Hence, the wrapping paper (I have to hand it to you, Mom—I learned this from you).

Next, we have my new snazzy coffee-in-5-minutes French coffee press.

I really just wanted a normal, drip coffee maker. But I couldn’t find one under 60 francs, so the 20 franc alternative seemed like a good option, and I think of all my French friends (all two of them) every time I use it.

And finally, my beautiful new ceramic wall blocks. The picture doesn't really do them justice.

I actually bought these at home, at Valley Art in Forest Grove. I went in to find presents to bring back to some girls here (honest!) but instead I spent my Christmas money on a blue soap dish and these fantastic wall blocks, and put in a request for a third one in the same colors and motif. Someday, when I have an old farm house, they’re all going in my bathroom next to white curtains (I already have the fabric!). I unfortunately had to leave the wall blocks home, along with my growing collection of other art, old chairs, rugs, tea towels, cloth napkins, silverware, pottery, and power tools. Could it be any clearer that I need a house?!

I went to two concerts this week. Thursday night was Janet’s medieval improvisation concert in Leonhard Kirche in Basel. She played medieval harp. Then, moving ahead a century or two, last night Gaby and I went to Dominic’s baroque concert in Frick, which was also quite excellent and made me miss playing violin. I also got to listen to a lot of Swiss German along the way, which is always good.

That’s all my news! Hope you are all well!!
Love y’all!


  1. Hehe I've got a similar method for homework...

  2. Yeah, I think it's a good method, until I'm up at 4 a.m. finishing papers...then I sometimes think I should revise my study habits. But by 7 a.m., I'm usually over it.