Wednesday, March 26, 2008

iron man blogger?

Ok, friends, it's time for another poll. Should I, or should I not participate in the iron man blogger competition? The basic change to my blog would be that I would post every day until I either am the last blogger in the competition continuing to post daily or until I quit, in which case I would lose. Content is not likely to change significantly, unless I discuss the optional "topic of the day." On the plus side: more daily entertainment for you, more "mandatory" creativity for me. On the negative side: perhaps TOO much communication for you, added daily constraints for me, and attracting additional and perhaps unwanted attention to our otherwise peaceful little blog universe. Gregg is advocating for participation in the competition--in fact, it was his idea to begin with. Votes and comments welcome! If I'm going to do it, I have to sign up by the 31st, so I'll need your votes pronto.



  1. This is the wrong place to talk about Maranello, but I don't see how to comment on your second poll, so you can read this and then move or remove it.

    My nephews went to Italy on a school trip. (Gotta love a school like that, huh?) The students were rather bored by the churches and museums but came alive on their way to the Ferrari factory. There was some sort of Ferrari convention and their bus was stuck for ages in traffic -- a traffic jam of Ferraris! Apparently it was the highlight of the trip

    Now you just have to decide how much you think like a teenage boy. :)

  2. There doesn't seem to be an option in either poll for me. About the cars, uh, why waste precious time in Italy looking at cars where there are so many beautiful churches and so much beautiful countryside. About blogging, I'd read and enjoy all you'd have to write, but I'm afraid of the extra traffic. I suppose I'm just no fun at all.

  3. I'm afraid I don't think much like a teenage guy at all (or a 25 year old one for that matter), and cars--even Ferraris (as I have been informed that it's a common female misconception to think a Ferrari is just a car)--are not real high on my list, unless Gregg or some other guy wants to go with me and act as Ferrari curator.

  4. Interesting to know.