Sunday, April 19, 2009

ze boys

Bri sent me this awesome picture of Gregg today! He had his stitches from his cornea transplants removed this last week (they were in there a good 2+ years), and he claims this is yet another example of "brilliant engineering: tear suppression and sunglasses," all from a paper napkin. Brilliant it may be, but it also looks pretty funny. :)

In other news from my little bro, check out his cool truck that is now half red and moving under its own volition (if a truck in a new and improved state of mobility may be said to have volition):

AND...I got tickets, Zurich to PDX! I am one happy Oregonian, let me tell you. :) See you all the very end of June!


  1. God bless the camera phone. Who knew having a camera around all the time would be such a blessing?

    Take the Stephanie, for example. Notoriously difficult to catch in its natural habitat the camera phone has resulted in two stunning images that reveal the feeding habits of this elusive creature.

    The first recorded evidence was found in Cassiano Durand's refrigerator nearly 6 months after the Stephanie was last believed to frequent the area. The vessel is believed to be of early 1980's vintage, and appeared to contain the remains of one hamburger patty and a serving of rice. At this advanced stage of fossilization a positive identifaction is difficult. Believe it or not this was oddly odorless - Quite remarkable.

    Unfortunately shortly after this picture was taken the entire artifact was mistakenly placed in a nearby trash can. Were it not for the Sharp TM-150 camera phone we would have no record of its existence.

    That same phone (which was quite advanced for its time) also took the only known picture of the fearsome hunter. Thanks to a quick-minded photographer she can be seen here devouring her prey - In this case what appears to be a large Burger King soft drink. Her presence acts as a form of population control on the rapidly reproducing species, the wide variety affords her her selection of flavor (this was undoubtedly diet).

  2. Ok gregg...because you were creative, I'm allowing this...but only temporarily.