Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yellow Shoes

Because I'm expecting Spring to come tip-toeing around the corner any minute, I spent my Christmas money from Grandma and Grandpa today on yellow shoes to go wtih my green dress.

Now, I can hardly think about green dresses without thinking about a million dollars, and so that you can have this illogical association too and we can all have the song stuck in our heads together, go listen to it here

As you can imagine, some people have underdeveloped senses of appreciation for great shoes. I sent the boys a picture. Gregg wanted to know "what good does this do me?" and Brian asked if I slipped into a vat of mustard. Bishop men. seriously--haven't I taught you guys anything!?


  1. Will you match a purse to your shoes or go with a different color?

  2. don't have a yellow purse, yet. you mean.

  3. Actually, you may not want/need a yellow purse. I read recently that the fashion style now is to not match shoes with purses.

  4. You read that!? Ok, first rule: don't waste your time on fashion magazines--they begin to zap your brain cells as soon as you open the cover. Second rule: wear what you like. Third rule: Don't fret about ending up in one of those magazines you're not reading in their "worst dressed on the streets" column, with a little black box covering your eyes while they pick your style to pieces.