Friday, February 20, 2009

February 18th

My cool little brother turned 22 on the 18th, and in honor of the occassion, I thought you'd all like to see him when he had half that many 2s in his age. I remember his second birthday quite clearly, cuz I got him a REALLY cool birthday present...can't remember what it was, but I remember wrapping it with Grandma Bishop and enjoying the very satisfied feeling of knowing he was going to love it.
(Mom and Grandma used to make us cute birthday cakes, but mom didn't like making them, so as soon as we were older we "got" to make our own, which in retrospect looks like a case of parental spin marketing)

who is more enthusiastic that he's having a birthday, me or him?...hard to tell.

Sitting on the porch at Grandma Bishop's house.

Just think, if we had had skis strapped to our feet here...

(Check out mom's sandals. I got some sandals last summer that look a bit like this, and I think of mom every time I wear them...I kinda bought them for that reason, even. I'm my mother's child...Our shoes prove it. But what is going on with my hair in this picture!? What a little ruffian.)

When we were little from time to time we thought we were tired of each other, and on those occasions I would either quote poetry ("I had a little brother, And I took him to my mother, And I said I want another little brother for a change. But she said don't be a bother, So I took him to my father, And I said this little bother of a brother's very strange!") or I'd pick up the telephone and dial the "brother and sister exchange service" and order a sister for immediate delivery.

What was I thinking?!
Happy (now belated) Birthday, Bri! I wouldn't trade you. (And I'm sure Gregg wouldn't either, even if he would try to make you pay him not to.)


  1. Shh! Quiet about the parental spin marketing, or Heather and Janet will figure out why I let them plan and run their own birthday parties for most of their lives. All I ever had to do was make homemade pizza and punch, and create a treasure hunt, both things I loved doing. They did all the hard work, though I have to say they seemed to enjoy themselves.

  2. :) Yeah, we liked making our cakes I guess everyone was happy. Enjoyed reading about your li'l writing guy alter ego yesterday too. Have a good day!

  3. The photos brought back memories. Y'all grow up way too fast. Guess who else is making/decorating their own cakes - your cousins. However, they like to ski - hope your adventure on the slopes improves.
    Aunt Cathy

  4. Thanks! me too. And I didn't know you read my blog!

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  6. Greggory! you know what grandpa says about paybacks...

  7. Grandma Green had a "Good Cheer Birthday Book" with dates for children, grandchildren and g-grandchildren. Glad to know she had the correct date.