Wednesday, February 4, 2009


School News: My "don't bother me, I'm doing school" line is evidently working, cuz I've hardly had anyone to talk to all week. Kinda depressing, and I'm looking forward to rejoining the world when everything is done. I started dreaming about my papers this week. For example, I dreamed that I was in a study center (with an odd mix of people from George Fox and Basel University, most of them named Sam), and classmates were proof-reading each other's papers already (mine are so not ready to be proofread), and the best part was that in my dream a guy who is in a couple of my classes said "yeah--he said it only has to be 10 pages, double spaced." That's a lot better than 20 pages, double spaced, which is the real assignment. But, I realized I was dreaming when it struck me as odd that this guy isn't in either of the classes I'm writing papers for.

Nanny News: M2 is turning 3 this weekend, so today we took the bus to the next town together to pick out a book for her birthday. She picked one illustrated by the same guy who illustrated The Very Hungry Caterpiller. I couldn't tell if she really had fun or not on our little birthday outing, and she complained about walking (always!), but I overheard her telling her mom about the trip later in much more positive tones.

Social News: I'm going on a retreat this weekend with church folk and I'm pretty excited about it! I like retreats, especially if they don't involve cabins that are over the hill and through a dark path in the woods from the nearest ladies' room. I understand we'll be staying in a very large house. I've been reminicing about Fox retreats at the beach with my RA staff, or the all campus retreats, or even Dilley Church retreats at home. They're always at the beach for some strange reason. Why always go to the beach when you could go play in the woods or go to Mt. Hood? Jessica and I always tried to advocate that we go to the mountain for staff retreat, but we lost to the ocean-enthusiasts every time. This will be a proper mountain retreat! Delayed gratification, or a "dream deferred." (HA! what an excellent tie-in to my literary selection du jour! see below).

Plans-to-conquer-the-world news: In regards to my latest schemes and plans, I'm pleased to announce I get to do some editing for the University of Zurich! Editing is more fun than a kid in a mud puddle. You'll also be pleased to know I submitted my article to the Forest Grove News Times, but the slowpokes haven't so much as raised a curious eyebrow my direction yet.

Running news: Valda is having knee trouble. We can run more than an hour and a half and still feel wonderful (except for the knee), but we don't do it often enough.

Language news: German is dumb.

And that, friends, ist alles.

Ich gang go lehre.


  1. You absolutely need to check out the Basel Carnival next month...

  2. Hi Steph - just wanted to drop a note to say gday from australia. i randomly came across your blog tonight and enjoyed reading your adventures and coming across some similarities: i have the alice quote on my blog too:) and im about to come to ch as an au pair...
    all the best for your travels

  3. Looking forward to Fasnacht! The towns are gearing up for it..there are large, masked men peering down from the tops of light posts and rooftops already.

    Kylie, welcome. I hope you enjoy this little bitty country as much as I do!

  4. I am so jealous of your mountain retreat!!! We would always try for the mountains but never won. What was so great about the beach anyway.