Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Janet was over on Friday and we were talking about our "alter egos"--the courageous, can-do "other" side of ourselves that we have to believe in a bit to accomplish certain things. For example, she is learning to drive a standard, and it's somewhat intimidating for her (understandably so!), so she resorts to her alter ego. If you read the Rose is Rose comic strip, you'll know just what I mean. HER alter ego is a rattle-snake chili loving biker girl with a tatoo. If you don't read it, here's some examples plucked from this website)

The snow this week brought out my own alter ego, as it often does. Made me want to bake biscuits and make soup on a woodstove. My alter ego is part pioneer, part Rosie the Riveter, and part fashionista who flies airplanes, of course.
Gregg says "perhaps" he has an alter ego, but "why would I tell you about it?" I think if GREGG even has one, a lot of other sensible people probably do too, and I've been speculating on what various people's alter ego might look like.

When I came up the stairs from the train tonight, there was a whole crowd of people--with drums and tubas, standing in the dark, practicing for fasnacht! I could hear them playing as I walked, and it gave me a terrific case of the grins all the way home. (Feb. 19th-As an ammendment to yesterday's post, I'll add that drums and tubas and about a bazillion little children went marching loudly past my window at 6.30 am today, when I hadn't been asleep but 4 hours and didn't plan to be up for another two. Fasnacht was not nearly as enjoyable from that vantage point...and I'm confused about why we're doing this already! Isn't it next week?)

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  1. I hadn't thought of it that way before, but here's my alter ego. Unfortunately, Li'l Writer Guy is less likely than I am to drive a stick, make phone calls, and talk to strangers at parties.