Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gorilla and landscape

2 little art projects currently in progress:

Both still have some serious issues...even if we leave out the fact that the gorilla only has half a face. But...they're coming. :) And I'm having fun with them.


  1. I've had mornings like the gorilla seems to be having...usually food and coffee help.

  2. I always struggle with composition on photo portraits cropped as close as the gorilla's. Where does one place the face? Place it to the left (with the subject always facing left), and you've got nothing but head, and mostly its back on top of that. Place it to the right, and you've got two thirds empty space (sky, greenery, whatnot). Place it in the middle, and you've got one third sky and two thirds head, which is nice, but then the face is smack in the middle, which isn't as nice. The third solution - the one you've chosen - is preferrable in my eyes, but still not optimal. I'd be curious as to your thoughts on this question.

  3. Um, and the musician goes, huh? They both look amazing to me and compositional questions don't bother me. I'd still love to see you work someday. I guess I should visit you tomorrow then, eh?

  4. Ok, Stephen, I'll argue with you a bit. The face is not smack in the middle. Very close, especially if you're measuring from the eyes, but I decided to do it in this case because the shape of the rest of the face puts it off-center and the long nose at a nice angle. It makes it work better than most human faces in the middle could (unless it was a mountain man with a big beard and a coon skin cap. then it could totally work.)

    I agree the background/body ratio is at risk of not coming out great. But... I was planning to mitigate that by adding some interest to the background and bringing down my values in some areas, and by not necessarily finishing the entire body in full. I will see a bit more as I get there, but I think if I leave the edges on the right side sketchier, it will help break up that stark 2/3 gorilla to 1/3 background impression.

    That was my logic. That, and the picture is for a trade, as you know, and the recipient liked the composition more or less as it was in the photo.

  5. The recipient is very very happy with how the final drawing turned out, but he prefers to remain anonymous (for those that don't already know), so chances of it being stolen get reduced a bit.
    However I think the landscape turned out pretty nice too, I will have 2 comments about it that we will have to talk about :)But now bedtime! Good night

  6. haha, but I know who the recipient is and the chances of the drawing being stolen are very high... the thief prefers to stay anonymous, too.
    but once he gets back from Aus... upps..