Tuesday, January 20, 2009

nothin' to say

Hi! this will be a speedy post, because I have to pick up the little lady from play group soon. I went for a "run" this morning, but I took a new path that wound up through the woods along the ridge of the hill and it quickly was too dangerous to run. So I should say I went bounding over some rocks and trees and almost fell on my heinie a couple times, but had a lovely time tramping through the forest for an hour.

Ok, a quick nanny story for you (and sorry for those I already told about this): Last week on one of my 7.30 work days, I told M2 it was time for breakfast. She said she didn't want to eat, and had, in fact, already eaten "with mommy" before I came inside. It was possible, I thought, but unlikely. I did a quick scan for dishes that looked like a 2 year-old had eaten off them--there is always a plate with butter and jelly and honey smeared all over it if she's had breakfast. No tell-tale plate in sight. "M2," I said, "Is that true? Did you really eat with Mommy?" An affirmative nod. "Are you sure you're not saying that just so you can play with that fancy new noise making keyboard toy more?" "nei."

Great, I thought. I can't force her to eat, but I also don't want her to get away with lying, and I'd kinda prefer she eat and not be grumpy until lunch time. I normally eat before I come in to work, or not at all, but I thought that maybe it was a good day to have a nice, thick piece of bread with jam and really enjoy it--right in front of her, in case it might help her remember that she hadn't eaten yet.

I got some coffee and breakfast and sat down. She kept playing, but after about 25 or 30 minutes she put the keyboard down and crawled up to her seat with a very guilty look. "Oh! are you hungry?" I asked. She nodded without making eye contact, we had a little chat about why it's important to tell the truth, and then we finished our bread and jam.

All in a day's work!

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  1. :) Getting kids to admit when they are lying to you in a way where you don't have to fight them is always rewarding. lol I love it when I have asked, did you brush your teeth? pause. "Yes" Me "Are you lying to me?" them- "Yes" lol Me- "Go brush your teeth then now and you don't get to wait for commercials." I call things like that mom super powers. -Laura