Monday, January 5, 2009

es guets neus

Happy new year, ya'll. The last few weeks have been VERY busy with the holidays and the wedding. We're pleased to have successfuly married off the twitterpated couple, but it didn't go without a glitch. Even though I was up at 6.50 and at the hairdresser by 8, the hairdresser was running a bit late and Valda and I got back to her house at the time we were supposed to be leaving for the church. They took all the other people in the house to the church without us and sent a car back for us, but by the time we got there, the service had started. Now, I know I tend to run a bit late for a lot of things, a lot of times. But even though the lateness wasn't anything I could help in this instance, I was fairly mortified at having to slip up the side aisle and into my place at the front during the first hymn. What kind of bridesmaid is late to the wedding!! Seriously! I felt about two inches tall walking up there. But not very many people noticed, aparently. On the up side, I had been worried about tripping on my dress and falling during the processional, so I managed to neatly avoided that spectacle.

The reception was here (what's the easiest way to impress American girls? Dinner in a castle). It was a fun party. The dual-language thing went off rather well, I thought, and wasn't too least not for those of us who mostly understand one and not so much the other. I might be able to post some pictures from the wedding later, but I have to ask permission first.

That's all for now. More soon. :)


  1. Oooo! I do hope you get to post pictures! I would love to see them. Amazing reception locale. Hope your holidays went well.

  2. Don't let Stephanie fool you, everyone. She was a most gorgeous, gracious, and gallant bridesmaid as well as an amazing wedding "Ambassador of American Tradition." She slipped in so smoothly it was barely noticeable even to me, and I was maybe 10 feet from her. Of course it helps that at that point most eyes were on the bride and groom. :) What was so wonderful was the grace with which she stepped into the picture, just as if that was the way it all had been planned; and, like a seasoned performer, she fulfilled the remainder of her role with no indication that anything had gone wrong. Brava!

  3. I'm so sorry for your sake that it worked out that way. :( Turns out it was quite a comedy of errors that led to the decision to start the service without you. On the bright side, the photographer was late from parking the car after dropping me off so there are no pictures of ladies walking in and therefore no pictures of missing Stephanie. ;) Speaking of pictures, post away.