Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lines and Dots

Since we're on the topic of twitterpation these days, what with people getting married right and left (and let me take this moment to extend congratulations to the recently married Joseph and Erika Cook, and the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Anne Popa), I thought I'd share this cute story Laura told me about today. Enjoy.


  1. funny:) A message of hope?
    Now the question is, would the line also have felt inappropriate as a line if he hadn't known his beloved circlette and her fondness of the squiggle? And was it absolutely necessary for the line to develop further and show off his newly acquired abilities to convince others of his capability without them seeing his potential from the start, whereas the circle wasted her time and not developping at all, but apparently could have done with some improvement too, not perceiving the shallowness of the squiggle for one. Wasn't the circle now too plain for such a complex and versatile character? How long would it now take the line to realize the simplicity and capriciousness of his new partner? A message of hope? I think NOT!

  2. What a presumption to say the circle didn't develop her skills! She probably spends hours honing that perfect look. Or how would you like to have to apply a flawless cover of rouge to your entire body every day? Remember, this film and its lead actress are from before every celebritney got photoshopped to porcelain representations of averaged ideals.

  3. I feel that the dot should not have taken the line the way he was before because he was at the current state just as undesirable as the squiggle. Both the line and the squiggle were undisciplined until the line was inspired by his love for the dot to make himself stand out to her as it should be in relationships. lol Men should work to win the woman of their affection. To be disciplined but be able to be spontaneous and live life freely is something I don't see very often, and it's easy to think that the squiggles out there are the answer when you are sick of the uptightness of undisciplined lines.