Friday, October 31, 2008

It looks like I robbed Craft Warehouse...but I didn't!

Please pardon me for waxing all Martha Stewart on you in this post, but it's true: my "Villa" (as Uncle Greg dubbed my apartment) looks like I robbed Craft Warehouse and made off like a bandit! I blame yesterday's snow. If it hadn't snowed, I probably wouldn't have felt an itch to go into any florist shops whatsoever, especially not one having a going-out-of-business sale. But it did snow, and that always puts me in festive mood, and I bought some very lovely glass ornaments for my future christmas tree and some other cool stuff. See below. I had to go back today to look for decorations for Janet's wedding reception (since I am co-in-charge of decorations) and I came home with two more bags full.

Oh, one of the things I bought yesterday is a wreath hanger--you know the type that fit over a door? Well! They fit over AMERICAN doors, and this is apparently an american wreath hanger, cuz it sure doesn't fit on any of my swiss doors! Besides that, when the lady was wrapping it up for me, she was like, "oh, this is so nice! No Schwyzer girl knows what to do with these." That figures. Here I thought I was buying a nice swiss-made item...

But those aren't the only crafty things I've recently come into. Today I had lunch with Mary and Janet, and mentioned to Mary that I'm planning to make quilts for the tricycle motors for Christmas. She brought me her fabric pile and let me pick whatever I liked, so I am now abounding in beautiful fabric! I told Mary she's the most generous person I know, and she said, well, God is generous. So he is. I'm making Mary a present now, but shhh! don't tell her. :) I'll post a picture of it after I finish it.

Anyway, why am I like this, hmm? what posesses me to make things and buy useless stuff?!

I've had the Howdy sign since August, but the chicken is new and I think she really adds to it, don't you?

So, it's slightly hard to tell from the picture, but the blue and copper colored ones are going on the tree, and I think the red ones will be hung in the windows.

I feel a quilt coming on...


  1. Aunt Sally would love the chicken, I believe. I think it is cute too.

  2. I'm sure that hanger can be modified.

  3. I thought of Sally when I bought the chicken...and I agree the hanger can and should be modified. You can look at it when you're back in town, since my papa is across the Ocean and it would be slighty inconvenient for him to help me on it.