Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Has anyone seen my motivation?

Why is it so tough to stay motivated on all the things I'm supposed to be doing!? I'm getting them done (albeit not as fast as some people would like), but my goodness! I have to lecture myself into homework, drawings, and housework every hour. You know it's bad when you go to bed early to read for class, because at least then you're half-way fooled into thinking you're not still working.

I spent my morning spinning M2 around, dangling her upside down, and singing songs to her. I sing to them in English while they brush their teeth, stopping if they stop brushing, and it makes the chore go SO much smoother. M2's favorite song is the one that in the Last verse goes "I just want to be a sheep (baaa), I just want to be a sheep (baaaa)..." because I pretend I have a tail whenever I say "baaa" and she thinks it's hilarious. She's picking up the songs too--I heard her humming "Deep and Wide" today. So work is going well, and we're having fun together.

I'm off to class in a few minutes, but I've been coming up with ideas for Christmas presents for the girls, and I think I want to make them small quilts. I haven't figured out any details yet, but Aubrey is going to lend me her sewing machine, and I think I will probably make a nine-patch for the little one and a Log Cabin pattern for the older one. And in case you don't know what those look like, here are two examples (but you can put them together lots of different ways):

Log Cabin

Nine Patch

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