Sunday, October 12, 2008

Budapest and Bürchen

Rebekkah and I happened to hop the same bus from the train station to church this morning, each of us with a cup of coffee in hand. She was out early enjoying the great weather, and I was out early cuz it's either that train or one that gets me to church late. I enjoyed sharing the bus ride/walk to church with her, and it remminded me that I need to tell you about our excursion to Budapest! So, meet Rebekkah: Charming, petite, sassy pianist who has lived in more countries than I can remember, and who happens to be fluent in Hungarian. I tagged along on her trip to Hungary a few weekends ago. We stayed with a friend in a wonderful, turn of the century apartment Rebekkah's parents own. It's the only place I've ever been where you have to light a fire in the bathroom to get a warm shower.

Rebekkah attended a reunion Saturday, but other than that she showed me around Budapest. I went to the House of Terror museum and learned about Hungary under Fascism and Marxism. It's a good museum, other than the dramatic music that plays in most rooms and interferes with the information.

Coffee and breakfast in the fabulous apartment, which--although in need of a some renovation--with it's wood floors, high ceilings and antiquated fixtures makes a person feel extremely elegant and sophisticated.

That was several weekends ago. This weekend, I headed south to Bürchen in the Wallis Friday night to meet some friends. I finally looked at a map today, and golly! Bürchen is WAY down south. :) who knew. The weather was perfect yesterday, and even though Raph was tired from hiking all week and "had a foot on his blister," he and Lukas and I went for walk in the woods while their other friend stayed at the house to sleep off a bug he caught.

I can't think of a better way to spend the day than in the woods and hills. My busy heart just settles right down and is quiet when I'm out there. We came home yesterday evening, and by that time Raphael was getting sick too, so Lukas and I are hoping we don't get it. A few pictures from our day:

October is my favorite it any wonder why?

Sunshine! Such a beautiful afternoon! I had fun hanging out with these guys and trying to keep up with their swiss german. On some topics I understand a lot, and on others not so much (but it's NOT that I only understand the words that sound like English, contrary to what some people might think!).

We took a little rest and practiced our grass whistling skills...

...and hung from a tree.

I started reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles yesterday on the train, and I really like it! Dad gave me four books by Thomas Hardy back around Christmas time; this is the second one I'm reading, and they're great.

Ok, off I go. I have to finish reading for class. I'm in a lot of Anthropology classes this semester, and it's a whole different crowd that the history bunch...much more earthy. It's almost like I'm in Portland!


  1. Beautiful pics! What do they call the flowery hats that the cows wear? Will you email me your mailing address or are you coming to Oregon during Christmastime-ish? Hope school is going well for you! :) Christi

  2. Christi! So good to hear from you! I don't know what those flowery hats are people? do they have a name?

  3. we call them flowery hats.... :-P