Friday, July 25, 2008


I know you've been wondering what has been keeping me so busy all this week. I know, because half of you keep asking when I plan on updating this thing. Well, I'm getting to it! I have a lot to do...planning how I'm going to fit a sheepskin, four framed pictures, a pottery soap dish, new books and a moderate supply of chocolate chips and marshmallows in my luggage takes a lot of time!

I've also been visiting every single person I know in these western states, fishing off a jetty for Bass, painting the back deck green, planning a party, and tonight I'm going dancing...wish me luck. I don't know how to waltz (so...maybe wish the guys luck....).

This is my 100th blog post, and I was going to write something special for the occasion, but since y'all are in such a's what's been keeping me:

Anne and Kaitlyn helped me put a coat of primer on the second half of the back porch today. After that, we wore our paint clothes to the buzzing metropolis of Gales Creek for some ice cream.

Fishing out in Garibaldi on the coast last Friday with Dad and Brian was fun.
Here I am, showing Bri how to set up his line...
He's almost got it now....
...good thing I was there to help him out.

That pole Brian's holding? That's MY pole, and that's not a fish he's got. That's a pile of seaweed and a rock. I was kind enough to let him practice his un-snagging skills on this trip.

Take a look at all those rocks we're standing on. Brian and I kinda sorta dropped my keys down between a couple of those boulders. I needed to go to the car to fetch a Kleenex, and we agreed he'd toss the keys to me. This is probably the only stupid thing Brian and I have ever collaborated on. He tossed, I fumbled, and down the trap they rattled, beyond reach. Fortunately, Brian moved a couple rocks and some guy showed up with an old pair of pliers and a piece of wire in his truck. Brian made a hook, pulled them out, and saved the day.

And who do you think caught all the fish? I'd tell you, but I hate to brag.

Brian is painting his truck, and it's projects like this that I wouldn't trade for a house full of the best sisters ever. Do girls ever think of fun things to do like re-paint trucks? No. They don't. And if they did, would they just pull out their trusty Bondo and call out a neighbor to help with the job? Probably not. I love living with boys. They are quite simply the most marvelous creatures on the planet. Or at least the ones in my neck of the woods are. The rest of 'em....wellll, they're just alright.

Steven..."supervising." :) Actually, he was a big help. Oh, and notice it's dark? We do most of our projects in the dark. I've been painting the porches by flashlight some nights.

And...that's what's been going on, folks. In four days I'll be back on a plane, eastbound across the ocean. I was wondering today, if we built a highway across the Atlantic, how long would it take to drive from Oregon to Switzerland? A long time, I reckon. But it would be a fun road trip, wouldn't it? :)


  1. Now that's one huuuuge fish you caught yourself there! Might not be quite enoug for 5000, but 0.5 might get a good feast on it!