Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swiss Cheese and the President

I'm looking through old class notes working on a couple (brilliant!) ideas I've been tossing around lately, and I'm running into some funny stuff in my notes. First...the margins of my notes from my last semester in college are filled with doodles of prickly cactus and black clouds spitting down rain. My notes have always been graffiti-coated, that's not weird. But usually it's flowers and faces and little houses with happy suns shining over them. I remember it was a rough semester, but my goodness! Cactus!? And what does that say...storms on one hand, and dry, desert conditions on the other. hmmm....interesting. :)

Second, in my Presidential Elections class we studied the history of US elections, the political process, the factors that influence elections, elections in popular culture, etc. We watched all the debates, for example, and in my notes I have written "Presidential debates are to real debates as Cheese Whiz is to Swiss cheese."

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