Monday, August 4, 2008

New town, new job, new faces!

Hello Friends! Aubrey and I left Portland last Tuesday on a beautiful Oregon Morning... ...and arrived back in CH on Wednesday. I was busy the first couple days helping with the final work on the apartment. R’s mom and dad have been here almost every day, and they've textured walls, put the kitchen table together, hung the bathroom door and a full length mirror, added curtains and rugs and dishes (green ones!). The whole place is looking cuter than a bugs’ knees, and I’m mostly unpacked and have been preoccupied with transforming it into home. For example, I went grocery shopping Saturday, and what do you think I found but a painted wooded sign that says "howdy," also green, and therefore more or less matching my decor, or at least my dishes and the kitchen rug. Plus, I say howdy all the time! I decided it was a good apartment-warming, "cheers for the new pad!," "Woohoo I can have guests for tea" sort of item, and it now resides above my kitchen cabinets.

The grandparentals and a cousin were all over for food and fireworks here on Swiss National Day. I sat there at dinner thinking how odd and surreal it is to drop onto people's lives like this. A short while ago, we didn't know each other existed and now here I am, part of the family, eating lots of cheese and trying to remember my few Swiss German phrases (recent additions include "no uf?" which means, "still up?" and "Ich gang oba" (probably spelled wrong, but means "I'm going downstairs" and is particularly useful since I do, in fact, live downstairs). I officially started work today, and it went well--we went to the playground, cleaned house, went for a walk, washed a lot of dishes and ironed a lot of britches.

That's pretty much the news. I thought you'd all like to see a few 'before' pictures of my apartment as well as a couple 'after' pictures, although 'after' is of course subject to change. Nevertheless, enjoy this little slide show. :)


  1. Cool show! What did you use to put it together?

  2. I used Windows movie maker. It works well for simple little things like this.

  3. You seem to have neither TV nor beer, so getting a man for the spiders sounds like overkill to me...

  4. I could get some beer...and he could bring his own tv if it was important to him. But I suppose you're right--a fly swatter is cheaper and takes less space.