Friday, July 18, 2008

gone fishing

I'm leaving to go fishing with Dad and Brian in a few short hours and should get to sleep soon, but lest I get too far out of touch with what I've been are some pictures from recent expeditions.

My wonderful friend Christy, paddling the other end of our canoe on Henry Hagg Lake last week. We met at work and each thought we wouldn't like the other. Why? who knows. We have a ton of fun together now...obviously.

Ok, so here we are again, and I'd just like to point out that is a 17 foot canoe you're looking at there, and we tied it to the top of my little car to get it to the lake. The two of us got it down off the car and back up again, without so much as a scratch on my vehicle, and we were quite proud of ourselves. As we were putting it back up, there was a guy getting in the car RIGHT next to ours, but did he help? No sir. It was "That's a big canoe for that car! Good luck!" As Christy put it, we live in the Northwest, "where all the women want to be men," and the men are therefore a bit uncertain whether or not assistance is welcome. It would have been, but when it wasn't forthcoming, we were kinda pleased we did it on our own. We were especially proud when the knots we tied held all the way home (thanks in no small part to Dad's Knot Tying 101 instruction). :)

Wednesdays are "Mom & Steph" days because she has the day off for the rest of the summer. Last week we went to Cannon beach for the day, went into all the stores the boys would hate to go into and took a very long time in every single one. It was great. And so was the pizza.

This week for our mother-daughter day, we got pedicures. We have very cute toes at the moment. Mom says other than a gift certifcate she has yet to use, this will probably be the one pedicure of her life. Grandma flat wouldn't come--not even just to keep us company. But even Mom admits her feet "haven't been this soft since I was born!" So I feel somewhat vindicated about my occasional pedicures.

I also drove up the Gorge to see Jessica this week, and we saw some (more!!) Rodin Statues, some funky furniture that once belonged to the queen of Romania and a lot of other stuff. More about that next post.

We've been having perfect weather here. Brian and I slept under the stars a couple nights ago (which were admittedly hard to see, what with the tree, the roofline, and the almost-full moon). I was reading Emerson a couple days ago and I like his opening comments in an address to the Havard Divinity school, written this week in 1838:
"In this refulgent summer, it has been a luxury to draw the breath of life. The grass grows, the buds burst, the meadow is spotted with fire and gold in the tint of flowers. The air is full of birds, and sweet with the breath of the pine, the balm-of-Gilead, and the new hay. Night brings no gloom to the heart with its welcome shade. Through the transparent darkness the stars pour their almost spiritual rays. Man under them seems a young child, and his huge globe a toy. The cool night bathes the world as with a river, and prepares his eyes again for the crimson dawn."

Isn't that lovely? Unfortunately, in the same address he took issue with orthodox claims to the diety of Christ, and wasn't invited back for 30 years. Way to know your audience there, Ralph.

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