Monday, May 23, 2011

Urban living, p.s.

One exciting thing I forgot to mention earlier: there aren't very many places in Basel to buy root beer (like, two), and my new house is super close to the most reliable and inexpensive source !! There are three cans chilling in my fridge for floats with the roomies later. :) Neither has has ever had one. Poor deprived Europeans!!


  1. Well, either you are drinking a lot of root beer floats, busy decorating your new room, or you are just out and out neglecting your blog.
    I suppose you could be busy with work. ;)

  2. Sorry, I was at camp this weekend. Friday I couldn't write on my blog because I was crouched behind a raspberry bush, watching twilight settle in the Jura mountains while guarding a flag against capture. Yesterday...similar story. In the hours I normally write, I was trying to teach a bunch of European kids how to play kickball. Later I was watching a thunder storm. And for the entire weekend, I had neither phone nor internet. So I think I have pretty good excuses! :) But nice to know you missed me.