Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pulitzer Prize and other ambitions

Imagine my disappointment earlier this week when I discovered that the Pulitzer Prize for History is only awarded for works on American history! If I'd known that I would have seriously reconsidered my Africanist trajectory. How am I ever going to be successful now!? But not to worry. The Internet is a comforting friend, and soon informed me that there are (somewhat) prestigious prizes for books about Africa, but let's be honest: you've never heard of them, and neither have I, even though it's my own profession! (actually, I have heard of one of them but gooosh. it just doesn't ring like "Pulitzer" does!)

Ah, well. At least I can still be President.

More modestly, I am enjoying being the decorator of my life these days. I've inherited a wonderful assortment of household essentials, which frees up my greenbacks for more exciting purchases like shower curtains, duvet covers and laundry baskets! You probably think those are essential, but they actually aren't. Annnd! They come in so many styles and colors!!I'm sure you can see why they beat spatulas and frying pans. I bought a botanical print duvetbezug (another perk of new digs: I learn new words in German) and a Tanzania-made basket from the Fair Trade shop that's going to work quite well for laundry and which was half the price of similar Ikea laundry baskets. I have poked my nose into every antique and second hand store I've found, trying to locate a small and affordable secretary desk for my room. I found one yesterday. It has a price tag for something like 450.-. But I went back again today...talked to the guy a bit...and he offered 300, without me so much as hinting it was a bit steep. I think I'll keep going by. If he hits 200, he might have a deal.

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