Friday, May 6, 2011

Switzerland: the Sequel

It's like watching reruns in Stephanie's life right now. I've moved for a second time from the same origin town in the US of A to the same destination town in my favorite little landlocked European country. Waiting with a ticket at the Swiss immigration office? I've done that before! But actually a lot has changed in three years (even if it looks a bit like things are on repeat), and moving to a familiar place is easier in so many ways I can't even begin to tell you all of them.

I started work this week. It's the first time I've started a new job without being nervous. I knew everyone already, and was so familiar with the place and the pace of this type of work that it was an easy transition. It's a good Stephanie job, I think. Thursday, for example, I woke up around 8 and came sauntering into my bright office around 9:30. I worked for a couple hours. "Work" included writing some stuff for the website, sourcing library books, reading about Africa, and researching Africa-related consulting companies. Then I hopped a bus across town to have a long lunch with Valda and Diana. I started to head back, but didn't make it past the bridge. I enjoyed ice cream and a chat with Ed by the water and THEN went back to a fairly productive long afternoon. Today was a similar story, except I took a boat across the river for a Falafel lunch in the sunshine with my two office-mates, and we had our first (and I think only) office "training" today: how to clean the coffee machine. Veit assures us we can earn credit points for that (but I think Veit may be telling us what we like to hear!)

so far, so good. And I'm thankful to have a job.


  1. Hey, coffee is important in the office environment. Possibly what really makes it all work, though that may be a stretch.

    Work hard, Steph. Three years will zip by quickly.


  2. Anke Schürer-RiesMay 14, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    Glad you have had a good start in Basel. I must come and visit you soon, then.