Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quality note taking, at its finest!

I'm reviewing my notes on commercial farming and class formation in South Africa from my Land Reform class in 2007 in preparation for my exam on Land Reform. I bring you this lucid quote, from Oct. 3, 2007:

"Afrikaners - saw themselves as a united, homogeneous group opposed to the Dutch VOC and later opposed to the British. Lots of myth; frontier stories, the Farmer and His Gun, Davy Crockett-style imagery around the Afrikaner image. Historians of course were problematic to the myth:said there were divisions w/in the white community, some serious poverty, etc.

Book on the History of inequality by some French dude. Important book, but still, even though it is just a few years old, still presented these myths of the Afrikaners..."

Where was my brain that day!?

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