Sunday, May 3, 2009

M2 the shoe shopper

I came back from a run Saturday to find the little ladies packed up in their car seats in the stationwagon, waiting to head off somewhere. I poked my head in to chat with them until their mom came back down. "Where are you going?" I asked. "Brockenstube shopping!" they said, which is secondhand store shopping. "Oh! That sounds fun," I said. "What are you looking for?" And without hesitation, M2 piped up, "Shoes!" (that child has her head on straight, clearly).

"Nei," M1 said. "Mommy already said we're not buying you any more shoes!"

THAT child needs to loosen up and learn the audacity of hope.


  1. Well, is this genetically transmitted, in which case is the Mom a shoe-a-holic, too, or is it contagious, in which I would think one Stephanie to be the prime suspect?

  2. It might be partially contagious...she makes a beeline for my red high heels any time she's in my room and wants me to walk around in them for her. But, she also chooses her own shoes to match her outfit. She's seems pretty aesthetically conscious for a three year old.