Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Change in blogging rules

You guys know it's not very much fun to write to this here blog if you guys never comment, right? It's a bit like talking to the wall. And since people used to comment more, I was thinking perhaps things have grown stale, so I'll try to spice them up a bit, starting next post.

Furthermore, in order to promote discussion, I am now allowing posts to appear immediately (i.e. I won't moderate them anymore). I reserve the right to delete posts that I find offensive or in bad taste (ahem, Greggory!).


  1. Thank you Stephanie. Now to all the Ttugly readers out there, I have a proposition:

    Based on the recommendation made to me by a reputable official of the commercial sector of the South African Chamber of Commerce who guaranteed me of your reliability and trustworthiness in business dealings, I wish to entrust a large amount with you believing that it will be of our mutual benefit; this has to be highly confidential. If I may introduce myself, I am Dr Ben Oguejiofor of the Nigerian Army. I was the former Director of Projects and engineering in the Nigerian Army; I retired recently after the handing over to a democratically elected government in Nigeria. I wish to crave your indulgence in this business relationship that I will like to establish with you.

  2. Hm. I suppose you get what you ask for. Someone's testing the waters . . .

  3. Oh, that says "Gregg" all over it.

  4. Well...I thought the story about the budding shoe-shopper was pretty special. Sounds as if the shoe-attraction must be contagious.

    Don't know about this new blog rule thing. Even though Gregg may as well have signed the above, I think you may find that you DO attract some unfortunate attention.