Friday, May 23, 2008

Venice and Paris...coming soon. :)

Hi! I've been neglecting my blog, as you can see, but I had some prompting from my Aunt Lou Ann yesterday and I planned to write today but didn't get to it. So...Hopefully tomorrow. All is well otherwise. I just got back from the new Indiana Jones movie (my FIRST Indiana Jones movie, in fact). There were a few too many spider webs and mummies and dead Mayans hopping around firing poison darts at people for my taste, but ya know. It was ok.

I am coming home for a month starting the end of June. Most of you should know that by now but in case you didn't, consider this fair warning. When I come back to Switzerville, I'll be moving into my new place and starting my nanny job pronto. I was on the phone with the lady last week and the little girls wanted to say hi to me so she put the littlest on. She's 2, and she said "yo" (means yes) to everything I said--even if it was in English! Then I talked to Sarah. She told me her dad is in the states and some other stuff, which I thought I answered in a perfectly clear and intelligble manner, but there was a long silence. And then she said, "...Was?!" (What??) and handed the phone to her mom. "here, you have to talk to her. I don't understand anything." I'm gonna be great at this job, I can tell already.

Monday I'm sitting in on some German classes to see if I want to sign up to take classes every morning in June. The classes would be here in Basel and I would be ready to enter the A2 level class when I come back in August.

Ok, off to bed I go! Night!

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