Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gone Globe-Trotting

Hi friends!

I'm off to Italy tomorrow, so I probably won't write much but if I do, it'll be fabulous tales from far away places. :) Last night I picked up my friend Ashley from the airport (she's on her way back to the states after a year teaching in Ghana). Today we went hiking with friends from church, all the way from Liestal to the castle in Dorneck (took us about 5 hours), and then we had a nice barbeque.

We stopped and had coffee at this GREAT little restaurant that's not really very far from where i live! I could walk there if I wanted...on a weekend. It's probably about an hour and 45 minutes from me. Cute place, though!

Yellow flowers that I think are pretty.Isn't this house cute!?

Grilling! Note the chocolate stuffed in Bananas. Apparently a relatively normal swiss bbq thing, and really yummy!

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