Friday, May 2, 2008

checking in

Alrighty, for the peace of mind of all interested parties, I hearby declare we arrived in Italy and are having a lovely time. We are at an internet cafe at the moment checking email, but we spent all afternoon wandering around the Forums, checking out an island thingamajig, and enjoying the cute back streets of Rome. Our flight was super short and we fortuitously sat next to a very sweet woman from Rome who speaks impeccable English and gave us her advice on which places to stop and see and which buildings we should just walk by the outside. Transportation was really easy to figure out too! SO much easier than transportation in the states would be. We made it to our hotel with the only mishap being that somewhere between leaving the house this morning and trying to change shoes at the hostel, I lost one flip flop. Not to worry though! I will soon be sporting some new Roman flip flops...just as soon as I can find some. Tomorrow we are doing important stuff like the Vatican...and...some other stuff. Cant remember. Anyway, we are about to get to the really important work at hand, which is finding some ice cream for dinner.

More news soon! Hope you all are well!


  1. Some help for your important work:
    Gelato in Rome
    Gelato across Italy
    And I think there was one on Via delle Muratte near the Trevi fountain, if my memory and google maps serve me correctly...
    Hope you have a good time in Rome!

  2. Walking through the Vatican barefoot, I wonder what the pope might think. =)