Friday, December 14, 2007

Tests and such

Hi Friends!
I have a test shortly, and it's been a long time since I had a real, academic test! I'm not sure if I'm ready not, but I am about as readz as I'm going to be, because I have another class before the test. So wish me well, and if you happen to be awake and see this before noon, please pray that I remember the things I studied.

Last night I studied at Janet's house and we sorta kinda forgot to check when the last tram was leaving. By the time we checked, it was five minutes gone already, so I had to spend the night. We were rustling around getting blankets and stuff and Esther (older lady from Belgium) heard us and came out of her room to talk. She said it was better I wasn't going home so late anyway-it could be dangerous and some man could get me. I said I would have put on my grumpy face, my tried and true defense against strange men on public transportation, but she said she thought Jesus' protection probably had more efficacy than my grumpy face. "Ok," I said. "Jesus and my grumpy face." She didn't seem too convinced. Anywhoo, so I had a short night's sleep, but I feel pretty good today. It's like Janet said--it's amazing how if you don't get enough sleep at all you feel ok!! Much better than if you got almost enough sleep!

Ok, I'm going to use my last half hour to study. Have a great day. For those of you who reside across the pond, the countdown is on!! I will see you lucky people, you. =) Be sure to check out the poll on the right, too.

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  1. Don't forget Janet also said that not getting sleep for one night might work, but more than that and it's dangerous. Speaking of which, good night!