Thursday, December 20, 2007

'fess up!

Alright, who's the wiseguy who voted for Oregon after I already said it was Oregon?? Cheaters never prosper you know, or so the saying goes. In reality, it's a debatable point. I might have prospered more, for instance, if I had cheated on my ethnography exam today. "Who was the Ethnographer who made the Zande famous?" "what does perpetual kinship refer to?" How should I know!! :) Actually, I think I did ok on the latter question, but there were some tough ones on that test! Oh well. It's pass/no pass, so I should be more than safe, but I really think I was a better student when I was younger--back when I lived in fear of my teachers. Now that I'm older and presumably wiser, it's a rare teacher who can strike terror into my heart (Bill Jolliff still can!), but I seem to have lost my better study habits and motivation along with the anxiety. I'll have to muster up some gumption or find some scarier teachers for next semester.

Speaking of next semester, I have decided on my classes. I'm taking two complementary history courses on Apartheid in South Africa with the fabulous (but not very scary) Patrick Harries. I'm also taking Current Topics in Epidemiology at the Tropical Institute, two literature courses--one on the image of white in Africa and the other on African American lit., a course on Governance, the city tour course again, and, just for kicks, a class on International Conflict and Globalization which is in German. But no matter. Some of the readings are in English, and it's a lecture course so if I dont quite follow I can figure it out later without worrying about having to participate in German.

The family I clean for just posted a new ad for a cleaning lady on the university web site. What do you think THAT means?? I emailed and said I saw the ad and asked if there's anything he wants to tell me... :) So if I wasn't fired before, I probably am now!! The whole story is quite interesting...I'll tell ya about it sometime.

Ok, I'm outta here. Ciao.


  1. Fun fun fun. However, I would like to suggest you might find Kerry Irish a tad bit scary still. Well, maybe not you, considering he had the tendency to give you full credit for multiple choice questions when you circled the NUMBER of the question, not one of the LETTER answers! Yeah.... I guess he wouldn't seem that scary if I were you. He terrified me.
    OK, well have fun finishing your homework...hope to see you when you get home.


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  3. Can I help it if I have that effect on teachers??

    For those of you who don't know the story, once upon a time Joe and I had a lot of history classes together with this really tough teacher named Kerry Irish. His tests were miserably difficult, and after the test I would go to his office to look my test over and see what I had missed. Missing one question was 1/3 or 1/2 of a letter grade if I remember right. So, this one time, I went in to talk about my test with him and as I was looking through my answers, I asked, "why did I get that one wrong??" and he said, "because you circled the number of the question." I said, "oh..(chuckle chuckle)...I did, didn't I. I meant to circle A."

    "Well," says he, "you obviously know the answer, so I will give you those points. :)And Joe, who shortsightedly circled wrong answers, not numbers, didn't get any points added to his test. This in itself might not be enough for long term bitterness, except that professors tended to grant extensions, drop essay requirements and generally simplify life for me with such frequency that joe and the rest of the guys in the history group haven't forgiven me yet.

  4. Hey there stephanie! I found your blog. It really is entertaining to read and you do write very well, you should give that novel a go! I guess I have to be a bit more careful when talking to you, so I won't have to read about myself on here, plus, I hope I'm not one of those that accidentally said something rude in church... :) Hope you had a nice trip, enjoy the holidays and merry Christmas!