Monday, December 3, 2007

Starbuck' least I got a free drink

Well, we just have to wait and see, but I don't think I got the Starbucks job. The information session was in German (Swiss German, no less) so I only understood maybe 50% of that. Then we filled out a questionaire, and the questions were in German. I wrote my answers in English, but hopefully they will take note of the fact that I understood the questions! That should count for something right?? My interview was in English, but I don't think they were real thrilled about it. I can't really blame them...I mean, they have to hire someone who can talk to the customers. They were concerned that I don't have any background in the hospitality or service sector, which I think is hardly a problem. I told them I sold peaches for a farmer one summer, but other than that, not really. =) So I will call tomorrow to get an answer, but five bucks says it's a no.


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  1. Stephanie, I was so glad to read your note and I just got to read some on your blog. It sounds like you are on a most excellent adventure and I'll look forward to checking out your blog more often. We had a great Thanksgiving--I wonder if things are looking festive for Christmas in your part of the world? Perhaps the Starbuck's gig will work out? If not, I hope that something else opens up for you. Blessings! Meredith